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Fonts come from many locations. They can come with your desktop publishing, word processing, or graphics software. You may have them on a CD OR they can be downloaded from the Web.

1) When fonts come with your software they are often installed at the same time the software is installed. Usually no further action is required by the user. However, if you are using some types of very specialized software (some CAD programs, older 1990s era software) the fonts that come with the software may be proprietary and not in TrueType, OpenType, or PostScript format. Those fonts can probably only be used with that specific software.

2) Fonts on CD or other disk need to be installed to your hard drive (unless you plan to always have that disk in the drive). The disk may come with an installation program for the fonts or you can use the methods described further down this page.

3) Fonts downloaded from the Web may be ready for installation; but, usually, fonts from the Web are stored in archives that must first be opened. This is where many new font finders run into problems. Occasionally fonts on disk may also be in archives so depends on operating system you have you need to choose the right one below.

How to install fonts on Apple Mac OS

How to install fonts on Microsoft Windows OS

How to install fonts on Linux

How to install fonts on Google Android OS

How to install fonts on Apple iOS

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