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Walbaum is a modern serif typeface created by Charles Nix together with Carl Crossgrove & Juan Villanueva and published by Monotype which is available in 69 fonts, 5 widths (06 PT, 12 PT, 18 PT, 60 PT, 96 PT) each with 10 weights (from Thin to XBlack) and italics, over 600 glyphs, useful Open Type features, ornaments & frames, rules & braces and repeating ornaments. It is ideal for typographic use, book, display, magazine etc. For more details you can use a guide which is available in PDF format. Enjoy!

Walbaum font

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Walbaum font details

Designer: Charles Nix, Carl Crossgrove , Juan Villanueva 
Foundry: Monotype
Formats: Open Type OTF
Styles: 06 PT, 12 PT, 18 PT, 60 PT, 96 PT, Thin, Light, Regilar, Medium, SemiBold, Bold, XBold, Heavy, Black, XBlack, Italics
Licence: MyFonts Walbaum font License
Released: 2018
Price: starting from $49 for one font to $199 for all 69 fonts.

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