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Spumante Family

A slim, semi-connected script with lithely upright curves, Spumante conveys the casual effervescence of its namesake wine. Smoothed brush-script letterforms bounce gently along the baseline, and letters vary slightly in their slant— characteristics that combine to create a very human and inviting mood.


This approachably attractive face transforms from understated femininity to cocktail-party chic in just a few clicks. Dress it up with over 200 swashes, alternates, and ornaments, or use the titling alternates (in the OpenType menu) for a minimalist, unconnected look. Spumante is ideal for food packaging and menus, cosmetic labels, book covers, or greeting cards and invitations.

Check out this video to see Spumante’s features and how to use them.

Great news! Laura Worthington fonts have been specially coded so that almost anyone can access all of the swashes, alternates and ornaments without the need for professional design software. For more information and instructions, visit:

2 Spumante-Holiday-myFonts


4 Spumante-Lunch-myFonts


6 Spumante-HarrisTweed-myFonts

7 Spumante-EasyGoing-myFonts

8 Spumante-Appleberry-myFonts

9 Spumante-Caps-myFonts


11 Spumante-CasualLux-myFonts


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