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Bw Helder

Bw Helder is a contemporary created by Thom Niessink together with Alberto Romanos and published by Branding with Type which it comes in 3 widths (W1, W2, W3) each with 6 weights (from Thin to XBold). This clean and versatile font it merge well on any kind of project especialy in small sizes. Have fun!

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Bw Helder font details

Designer: Thom Niessink, Alberto Romanos
Foundry: Branding with Type
Formats: Open Type OTF, Open Type TTF
Glyphs: Basic Latin, Diacritics, Euro, Central Europe, Ligautures, Alternates, SmCaps
Styles: W1, W2, W3, Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold, XBold
Licence: MyFonts Bw Helder font License
Released: 2017
Price: starting from $22,50 for one font to $162,00 for all 18 fonts.

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