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Journal Sans New font

Journal Sans New

Journal Sans New is a geometric sans-serif font created by Alexandra Korolkova and Maria Selezeneva and published by ParaType. Based on the old soviet Journal Sans typeface designed in Moscow of 1940 by Anatoly Schukin, Journal Sans New keept all original characteristics of the 50s version and through it’s features like new glyphs, weights and styles make it fully adapted to the modern digital reality ready to be used both in print and on screen.
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Qiber font


Qiber is a condensed sans-serif typeface created by Mariya V.Pigoulevskaya and published by The Northern Block that can be applied in a variety of contexts. It is a handmade font that contains almost 500 characters and a lot of ornaments.
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Foundry Gridnik font

Foundry Gridnik

Foundry Gridnik was developed from the single weight monospaced typeface, originated by Dutch designer Wim Crouwel, for typewriter use in the 1960s, but it was never released. A modifed version of it can still be seen today on Crouwel’s 1976 designs for the low-value postage stamps of the ppt, Dutch post office, which features the stamp value only, displaying the numerals to full effect. Foundry Gridnik’s geometric.
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Cycles font


Cycles is a superfamily of classic serif typefaces, with different optical size versions targeted for use at a particular point size. There are three text sizes and three display sizes, each with italics, and most with typographic features such as small caps, fractions, and both old-style and lining figures. Cycles was designed with reading legibility in mind, for use in books and publications using different sizes of type.
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Magma font


Magma is another super-family created by the talented designer Sumner Stone and published by Monotype. It is a humanist sans serif with strokes featuring subtle curves. This allows Magma to be useful at both small and large sizes, where its fine details become more prominent. The Magma family includes regular, condensed and compressed versions, providing designers with a versatile typographic palette.
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Magallanes Condensed font

Magallanes Condensed

Magallanes Condensed is a sans-serif typeface created by Daniel Hernández and published by Latinotype that contains 16 styles with alternates & italics, language support. This humanist family font is ideal for text, magazines, logotypes etc.
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Ultra DM font

Ultra DM

Ultra DM font is a bold graffiti sketch typeface designed by Andrei Olaru and published by Kreativ Font. Inspired by Depeche Mode’s Ultra album, Ultra can be used to give you modern aesthetics to your designs.
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Baufra font


Baufra is a typeface created by Mariya V. Pigoulevskaya and published by The Northern Block. It is a font that combine geometric design with nalural elements. Enjoy!



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Baufra font details

Foundry: The Northern Block
Released: 2012
Price: all 6 fonts $ 23,80; $ 119,00; 

Australis Pro font

Australis Pro

Australis Pro is a typeface created by Francisco Galvez and published by Latinotype. This is a font perfect for magazines and it has ten years of learning to improve.
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Most popular fonts of 2011 font

Most popular fonts of 2011

MyFonts team is wishing you a happy and successful 2012 wherever you are! While doing that they have released a nice list of their most popular fonts based on sales in a broad range of typeface categories. Each of them is also available as a webfont, so you can use them as typography for you website.
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