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Ride My Bike Serif font

Ride My Bike Serif

Ride My Bike Serif is the new serif version of the immensely successful Ride My Bike handmade typeface created by Guisela Mendoza and published by Latinotype. Featuring an authentic vintage street style and new Latino culture, Ride My Bike Serif is perfect for headlines, brands, fashion and photography. The Ride My Bike Serif Ornaments font bring even more awesome to the table, containing over 120 dingbats that are fun and very useful for handmade styles designers. You gotta ride this bike!
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Lamiar font


Lamiar is an handwritten typeface created by Julia Martinez Diana and published by Antipixel that is a funny, decorative font which leaves a personal mark on your projects.
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Cocktail Sauce font

Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail Sauce is an handweitten typeface created by Stuart Sandler and published by Sideshow that contains Open Type magic inspired by brushscript handlettering of 1950′s. It is ideal for display, mahazine, logo, invitation etc.
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Impala Script font

Impala Script

Impala Script is a contemporary handwritten typeface created by David (Squid) Cohen together with Stuart Sandler and published by Sideshow. This elegant font merges with many applications, text, display, invitation, romantic projects.
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Mina font


Mina is an elegant font published by Resistenza. Inspired by an eventful and exciting epoch characterized by economic power, technological progress and rebellious spirit, Mina manages to recreate that atmosphere. Despite the fact that the 1950s were a time of revolution for the social culture, a time of civil rights movement, the culture and society were marked by serenity and peacefulness. People had time to chat, to write letters or listen to radio. Due to its simple and elegant lines, Mina preserves the classical spirit of those times and renders it in its style. That is what makes it suitable to branding, headings, captions, lettering and signatures.

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FM Bolyar Pro font

FM Bolyar Pro

Bolyar Pro, the predecessor of the widely recognized Bolyar font, is created by Vassil KatelievJordan Jelev and published by The Fontmaker. Based on meticulous attention to details and complex work, Bolyar Pro meets the user`s expectations. Adopting classical influences in its style, Bolyar Pro provides you suitable tools and new typographic features to use for a broad variety of purposes ( posters, cards, wrapping, branding, labels, promotional material).
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Brownstone Slab font

Brownstone Slab

Brownstone Slab is a decorative font created by Alejandro Paul and published by Sudtipos. Starting from the same idea as its predecessor, Brownstone Slab is characterized by features belonging to an epoch whose architectural style paid attention to furnishings, interior decorating and ornamental design. However, what distinguishes it from its precursor is its powerful impact on the viewer.
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Neuron Angled font

Neuron Angled

Neuron Angled is a font created by Manuel Eduardo CorradineSergio Ramírez and published by Corradine Fonts. Preserving the main characteristics of the preceding Neuron font, Neuron Angled brings novelty regarding the accuracy of lines and flat endings. Offering a wide range of typographic features, it succeeds in ingeniously combining the traditional and modern aspect which make it suitable to a great variety of projects. The different options, available within the type family, enable the user to work with Western, Eastern and Cyrillic styles. 
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Mauritius font


Mauritius is an original font created by Patrick GriffinKevin Allan KingGeorg Trump and published by Canada Type. After decades of being ignored, Mauritius font is finally appreciated at its true value, despite unjust past reactions to its creator. Released at a time when technology was gaining ground while the printing industry began to diminish, Mauritius is recognized as one of the most original fonts. It includes different styles such as roman, bold and italic.

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Respublika FY font

Respublika FY

Respublika FY is a font family created Gregori Vincens and published by  Fontyou. Offering a wide variety of forms, styles, weights, sizes and shadows, it enables the users to design innovative ideas.
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