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Oita font


Oita is a geometric sans-serif typeface created by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne that comes with some characteristics: Cap Height, X-Height, Descender, Sharp Diagonal Terminators, Cut Arms, No Curves. This modern font based on practical, octagonal structure also has Stilistic Alternates (Simplified Forms), Swash Alternates (Runes), Titling Alternates (Future Stencil), Oldstyle Figures and over 70 language support. Oita family font is recommended for headline, display, poster, packaging etc.
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Terrorista font


Terrorista is a sans-serif typeface created by Tony de Marco together with Bernardo Faria and published by Just in Type that it merge perfectly with small sizes. You’ll find 3 version with same matrics (Dilma, Lamarca, Marighella) that you can combine them in your projects.
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Morebi Rounded font

Morebi Rounded

Morebi Rounded is a rounded with a geometric structure typeface created by Takaaki Goto and published by GT&CANARY that comes in 8 weights (from Thin to Black, Stencil & Medium) and their italics,  a lot of Open Type Features like: Case Sensitive, Ligatures, many types of Figures, Fractions, Ordinals etc. This  sans-serif font is recommanded for print, web, signage applications, editorial projects & more.
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Paper Cuts font

Paper Cuts

Paper Cuts is an handmade typeface created by Andreas Gustavsson and published by Jagjagvi that has two styles (Paper Cuts & Paper Cuts Black), Paper Cuts Ornaments perfect for your projects.
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Parcel font


Parcel is a display type created by Michael Wallner and published by The Type Fetish. Featuring extensive all caps and multilingual options, Parcel consists of an vintage stamped design that makes it perfect for posters and retro creatives. Love it!
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Engineer font


Engineer is a technical typeface created by Bartek Nowak and published by his own foundry, GRIN3. Coming with rounded sans-serif forms, Engineer is redesigned after another of his own font from 2001, Techniczna Pomoc. This font fits greatly in a technical environment like engineering or architecture signs.
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Axia font


Axia is a geometric sans-serif typeface created by Silylle Hagmann and published by Kontour Type.You’ll find ten weights from Light to Black, language support, Open Type features, Small Caps, figures styles etc. perfect for your future project!
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Enso font


Enso is a typeface created & published by Tamer Köseli. It is a font based on geometric forms and is perfect for headlines, posters, logos etc.
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Targo 4F font

Targo 4F

Targo 4F is a typeface created by Sergiy Tkachenko and published by 4th february. This family font comes with geometric symbols perfect for your projects.
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Stencimilla font


Stencimilla is a typeface created by Bartek Nowac and published by GRIN3(Nowak). This font has two different sets of capital letters – no lawercase. Also, you have language support.

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Stencimilla font details

Foundry: GRIN3 (Nowak)
Released: 2012
Price: 1 font $ 26,00;

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