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PiS Malefiz font

PiS Malefiz

PiS Malefiz is an hand drawn typeface created by Hannes Siengalewicz and published by PiS that was inspired by old german game “Malefiz”. This font comes in 5 weights Thin, Regular, Bold, Fat and Sketchy that can be combined and use’it to display, poster, game.
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Tobu font


Tobu is an handwriting typeface created by David Kerkhoff and published by Hanoded that doesn’t have a baseline but it can be used for fun projects.
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Acustica font


Acústica is an handwritten typeface created by Fabián Camargo Guerrero and published by Andinistas. This delicate font has Acústica Caps, Swashes and Ornaments perfect for words, phrases and texts. It was designed to be suitable to feminine, romantic projects. With this calligraphic font can leave your mark on your projects!
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Anomique font


Anomique is a sans-serif typeface created by Enric Crous-Vidal together with Benjamin Woodlock and published by Subtext Office that contains calligraphic characters with a contemporary look perfect for display, text, poster.
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Kollar Sans font

Kollar Sans

Kollar Sans is a geometric sans-serif typeface created by Jeremy Bowen and published by seven/eight. It is an elegant font with rounded characters.
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Copperlove font


Copperlove is an elegant calligraphic handwritten typeface published by Resistenza. Featuring alternates, swashes, ligatures and diacritics, Copperlove’s sublime lines makes it perfect for your romantic, wedding invitation, signature, logo and romantic projects. You’ve gotta check it out!
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Shameless font


Shameless is an elegant calligraphic handwritten typeface created by Summerour and published by Positype that has two versions: Standard (contains 2200+ characters) and Deluxe (contains 2400+ characters) perfect for headline, invitations, magazine, tattoo etc. The author used Kuratake Zig Cocolro pen. Have fun!
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Pocket Px font

Pocket Px

Pocket Px  is an handwritten sans-serif typeface created by Kemie Guaida and published by Pixilate. You’ll find a comic text, funny letttering, combination of narrows and round forms. Enjoy!
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Abel Pro font

Abel Pro

Abel Pro is a typeface created by Matt Desmond and published by MADType. This geometric sans-serif font is perfect for newspaper, headline,posters but also for text on the web. Enjoy!
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Bombshell font


Bombshell is a handwriting typeface created by Emily Conners and published by Emily Lime. Featuring over 800 (!!!) glyphs including initial+terminal letters and alternates, Bombshell can create elegant calligraphy handwriting font with long connections between characters. This font is a must have!
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