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Modum font


Modum is a geometric typeface published by The Northern Block Ltd that comes in 8 weights, true italics and over 800 characters. This contemporary font has cap height, x-height, baseline and descender. Also it has carefull drawn angles, low contrast and smooth radius details. It was designed to be suitable to editorial projects, book, magazine, newspaper, headline, packaging etc.
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Microbrew font


Microbrew is a sans serif typeface created by Jay Hilgert and published by Albatross that contains 14 styles plus ornaments & banners. This versatile retro display family has Lowercase alternates, double-letter ligatures, automatic opentype fraction, subscript & superscript numbers. Also it has multiple language support. It is ideal for display, headline, newspaper, poster etc.
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Terrorista font


Terrorista is a sans-serif typeface created by Tony de Marco together with Bernardo Faria and published by Just in Type that it merge perfectly with small sizes. You’ll find 3 version with same matrics (Dilma, Lamarca, Marighella) that you can combine them in your projects.
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Code Pro font

Code Pro

Code Pro is an elegant geometric sans-serif typeface created by Svetoslav Simov and published by Fontfabric, designed to be use for graphic design, poster, newspaper, logo etc.
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Cabrito font


Cabrito is a warm and friendly typeface, created by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne. Inspired by the world of children`s books, Cabrito is meant to introduce children to this fantastic universe of calligraphy. It teaches them the art of ” giving form to words” or “painting words” in an attractive and expressive manner.

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Dignus font


Dignus is a geometric sans-serif tyepface created by Olcar Alcaide and published by Eurotypo. The Dignus Complete Family contains 18 fonts, 7 weights from Thin to ExtraBlack, condensed & expanded version plus their italics, language support, a lot of Open Type Features etc. It merge for editorial projects, magazine, newspaper, books, packaging, poster etc. You cannot miss it!
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Benton Sans font

Benton Sans

Benton Sans is created by Cyrus Highsmith,Tobias Frere-Jones and published by Font Bureau. Originally influenced by the Smithsonian drawings and developed as a re-imagining of 1908 classic, the News Gothic typeface by Morris Fuller Benton, Benton Sans` designers added lots of new features, refinements and over 128 weights and styles. Due to all these improvements, Benton Sans has gained a lot popularity in publishing and print media, making it appropriate to newspapers, magazines, books and corporate use.
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Marianina FY font

Marianina FY

Marianina FY is a sans-serif typeface with big  characters created by Alisa Nowak & Jérémie Hornus and published by Fontyou that consist 24 fonts, 6 weights and italics, perfect for editorial projects, headline, magazine, newspaper, poster etc.
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Aleka font


Aleka font is created by Carine de Wandeleer and published by Eurotypo. The handwriting like style, the form, the shape of letters give a romantic, friendly and fancy aspect to this typeface. The intentionally child like calligraphy makes it suitable to lettering, children books, wedding invitations and decorative design.
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Bague font


Bague is a classical roman typeface created by Olcar Alcaide and published by Eurotypo that 12 font (two different lengths of stem and three weights). It is ideal for editorial projects, newspaper, magazine, book, packaging etc.
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