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Carmen font


Carmen is an elegant text typeface created by Andreu Balius and published by Typerepublic that comes in 6 styles (Regular, Medium, Black and their italics), Open Type Features like: Real italics, Strong Caps, Ligatures, Old style and lining figures and an Ornament set. This family font can be used on all printed material. It was used as a corporate typeface for Victoria’s Secret lingerie and other woman clothing company but also is perfect for neswpaper, headline, fashion magazine etc. You Cannot miss it!
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Version 1 International font

Version 1 International

Version 1 International is a geometric liniar-grotesque typeface created by Oliver Jeschke and published by Volcano that has design to be used for headline, title, decorative projects.
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Zulia Pro font

Zulia Pro

Zulia Pro is a handwritten typeface created by - Joluvian & Alejandro Paul and publushed by Sudtipos. It has two calligraphic styles (italic and brush pen) and is recommanded for display, packaging, showcard etc.
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Latinate font


Latinate is a sharp serif publishes by K-Type that is recommended for headline, newspaper, poster, packaging, display etc. Latinate type is derived from the serial numbers of bus tickets issued by the Bell Punch Company in the mid twentieth century.
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Barcis font


Barcis is a geometric typeface created by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne. Barcis family consist 48 fonts, three widths, seven weights with authentic italics. It is ideal for magazine, logo, poster, display etc. Have fun!
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Eskorte font


Eskorte is a typeface created by Elena Scheider and published by Rosetta. It is an Latin-Arabic type family that support Arabic and another languages, recommanded for office documents, newspaper, magazine. Enjoy!
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Number Five font

Number Five

Number Five is a pure 50′s American typeface created and published by Laura Worthington. With a design coming in two versions, Smooth and Rough, make Number Five suitable for logos, vintage and editorial images.
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Core Sans N SC font

Core Sans N SC

Core Sans N SC is a tyepface created by Hyun-Seung Lee & Dae-Hoon Hahm & Min-Joo Ham and published by S-Core. If you need the Small Caps of the Core sans N, now you find it. This family has 3 widths, 9 weights and supports WGL4. Also you’ll find fractions, tabular numbers, arrows, block elements etc. It is perfect for web pages, books, display etc. Go to work!
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Periódico font


Periódico is an newspaper typographic serif typeface created by Eduardo Manso and published by Emtype Foundry. Inspired by an old daily Spanish newspaper, Periódico comes with original typographic engravings that are functional and versatile at the same time. Featuring 30 different styles, from Light to Bold) and from Thin to Ultra Black, this horse powered family is capable of solving all the needs of a large publication.
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Arek font


Arek is a calligraphic typeface published by Rosetta. It is designed for school book but also for headline, magazine and other future projects. Enjoy!
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