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Pekora font


Pekora is a slab serif typeface inspired by an article published by an old Polish magazine, published by Blazej Ostroja Lniski that comes in 9 weights and their italics. It is perfect for editorial projects, magazine, book, poster, logo etc.
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JollyGood Sans font

JollyGood Sans

JollyGood Sans is a sans serif handwritten typeface created by Kemie Guaida and published by Pixilate. This sensible comic font contails 11 variants, sample characters, stylistic alternates available through Open Type and language support. It was designed to be suitable for comic text, kids book, funny projects etc.
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Sharik Sans font

Sharik Sans

Sharik Sans is created by Michał Jarociński and published by Dada Studio. Inspired by the name and qualities of a brave dog, Sharik Sans faithfully follows the designer`s hand, helping him accomplish his work. Furthermore, it comes in nine weights with correponding italic characters which offer the creator the necessary instruments to customize the layout according to his will.

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Maxwell Slab font

Maxwell Slab

Maxwell Slab is a slab serif typeface created by Kimmy Kirkwood and published by Kimmy Design. This family font comes with five weights, twenty font file, custom small caps & italics, discretionare ligatures, stylistic alternatives and is multilingual. Characters are designed in detail and it has an elegant look that can be successfully used for tex, headline, logo, editorial pojects.
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Core Sans G font

Core Sans G

Core Sans G is a member of the Core Sans Family, created by  Hyun-Seung Lee, Dae-Hoon Hahm,Min-Joo Ham and published by S-Core. Regardless of what form the character is, either square or circular or straight, every line is carefully designed, giving a lot of attention to details, so that it is highly legible on any medium. The Core Sans Series covers the entire weight range, from ultra-light to extra-bold or black with their corresponding cursive letters. Moreover, it also offers an advanced feature system which comprises proportional Figures, numerators, superscript, subscript, fractions, standard ligatures and stylistic alternates.
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Clavo font


Clavo is a multipurpose serif font created by Michał Jarociński and published by Dada Studio. Featuring ten weights, each with italics and other open type goodies, Clavo‘s warmth is given by it’s balanced proportions and forms making it a universal type family. You’re gonna love this one!
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XXII Centar font

XXII Centar

XXII Centar is a sans-serif typeface created by Lecter Johnson and published by Doubletwo Studios that is ideal for editorial projects, from headline to text. Have fun!
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Lito font


Lito is a vintage typeface created by Mateusz Machalski and published by Borutta in 2013.
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Verb font


Verb is a typeface created by Ryan Martinson and published by Yellow Design Studio. Verb font family includes 18 fonts and it’s packed with many features including true italics, small caps, ligatures, tabular numerals, international language support. All in all, this font is perfect for any of your projects.

NOTE: Verb Black is available for free.

Verb Font by Ryan Martinson

Download Verb Font

Verb font features

  • Small caps
  • Complete “f” ligature set and contextual alternate “f”
  • Discretionary ligatures
  • Alternate connected ligatures (to access, use style set 1 or stylistic alternates)
  • Oldstyle numerals and currency
  • Tabular numerals
  • Automatic fractions
  • Superiors and inferiors
  • Ordinals
  • Extensive language and currency support


Verb font details

Foundry: Yellow Design Studio
Released: 2012
Price: all 18 fonts $ 29,00; $ 270,00;

Nexa font


Nexa is a typeface created by Svetoslav Simov and published by Fontfabric. The font styles are applicable for web design, print, motion graphics even on t-shirts, logos, posters.

Download Nexa Font

Nexa font details

Foundry: Fontfabric
Released: 2012
Price: all 16 fonts $ 9,00; $ 90,00;