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Peaches and Cream font

Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream is a bold brush font created by Emil Karl Bertell and published by Fenotype. It comes in three weights and includes an ornament set and an all caps font. It offers a wide range of Open Type features which are meant to provide the user all the necessary tools to elaborate the design. Its customizing features make it suitable for headlines, logos and posters.

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Choplin font


Choplin is a slab serif font created and published by Rene Bieder. Characterized by simple, geometric forms, Choplin keeps the main Campton Family traits, but focuses on the slab serif nature and adds a particular view in its appearance. All these features, together with a wide range of glyphs, make it suitable for various types of graphic design applications and provide versatility to many functions (editorial, corporate, web, interaction to product design).

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Encorpada Essential font

Encorpada Essential

Encorpada Essential is the newest contemporary typeface created by Eduilson Wessler Coan and published by dooType. This font together with Encorpada Black, Encorpada Pro and Encorpada Classic (created in 2011, 2012 and 2013) forms Encorpada Project. It comes with 14 styles, a basic character set (over 400 glyphs), a lot of language support and Open Type Features. Is perfect for editorial projects, headline, magazine, display etc.
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Streetscript Redux font

Streetscript Redux

Streetscript Redux is a contemporary typeface created by Dave Rowland and published by Schizotype. Based on Streetscript, this hont has the “S” and “s” redrawn but the features of original Streetscript are maintained.
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Houschka Rounded Alt font

Houschka Rounded Alt

Houschka Rounded Alt is a geometric typeface created by Nick Cooke and published by G-Type which is an improved version of Houschka Rounded . It has one key difference, Open Type features, language support, 3 stylistic sets, 4 sets of numerals etc. It is recommanded for headline, magazine, poster etc.
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Donki font


Donki is a cursive display typeface created and published by Gunnar Link in 2014 that is perfect for display, headline.
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Sheepish font


Sheepish is a funny, very bold typeface created by Tanya Davis and published by Scrowleyfonts that was inspired by bubbles.
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Ganton font


Ganton is an elegant typeface with big characters, used for headline, titles, display, posters that was created and published by Typesgal. With its huge visual contrast, custom tails and firm terminals, Ganton is big in every aspect. You cannot miss this!
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Kiddy Kitty font

Kiddy Kitty

Kiddy Kitty is a comic sans-serif typeface created by Vasily Biryukov & Alexandra Korolkova and published by Alexandra Korolkova that consist six weights and five slanted weights. It is ideal for children, greeting cards, children’s book, display, package.
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Smashing font


Smashing is a rock ages font created by Ricardo Marcin and Erica Jung and published by Pintassilgo Prints. Smashing is based on massive all-caps rock like stones blocks with bold glyphs and quite humored. Do you remember The Flinstones?
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