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Cabrito Inverto font

Cabrito Inverto

Cabrito Inverto is a new slab serif of Cabrito family, created by Jeremy Dooley and published by insigne. This font has rounded characters, easy geometric that was inspired by handwriting forms. It comes with a lot of Open Type Features, a PDF brochure, glyphs for 72 language support to ease your work. This font is ideal for headline, display, poster etc.
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Reina font


Reina is a decorative didone typeface created by Maximiliano Sproviero and published by Lián Types. Inspired by the calligraphy and typography masters of our past such as Didot, Bodoni and Herb Lubalin, Reina aims to incorporate the decorative accolades from black-letter and copperplate styles into a modern typeface. To achieve better printing results, Reina family consists of 3 different font sizes: Reina 72 Pro for display sizes, Reina 36 Pro for medium sizes and Reina 12 Pro for small size. For more details check out the Reina’s User Guide by Lian Types.
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This font


This is a geometric rounded typeface created by Tomi Haaparanta and published by Soumi that is recommanded for display, headline, text.
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Ode font


Ode is a typeface created by Martin Wenzel and published by MartinPlusFonts that consist five weights (Semilight, regular, Medium, Bold, Black) perfect for your culinary projects. Enjoy!
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Tentacle Szrift font

Tentacle Szrift

Tentacle Szrift is a typeface created by Bartek Nowak and published by Grin3(Nowak) perfect for your tattoo project. Enjoy!
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Octant font


Octant is a typeface created by Christian Thalmann and published by Catharsis Fonts. This font was inspired by Victorian-age steel and brass engineering. Anso you have an extensive language support and a generous collection of ligatures. Have fun!
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White Christmas font

White Christmas

Albion’s White Christmas is a typeface created by Paul James Lloyd and published by Greater Albion Typefounders. It is perfect for vintage Christmas cards, old magazines.
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Concord font


Concord is a typeface created by Aakash Soneri and published by Soneri Type. It is a geometric sans serif  and is part of Accord Alternate family.You’ll find 7 fonts perfect for four projects.

Download Concord Font

Concord font details

Foundry: Soneri Type
Released: 2012
Price: all 7 fonts $ 131,25; $ 525,00;

Afrobeat Gothic font

Afrobeat Gothic

Afrobeat Gothic is a typeface published by Resistenza in 2012.

  Download Afrobeat Gothic Font

Afrobeat Gothic font details

Foundry: Resistenza
Released: 2012
Price: 1  font $ 39,00;

Alexander Quill font

Alexander Quill

Alexander Quill is a typeface created by Jim Rimmer and published by Canada Type that it was originally designed in 1980s but now he was updatedfor the latest technologies with over 410 characters.

Download Alexander Quill Font

Alexander Quill font details

Foundry: Canada Type
Released: 2012
Price: 1 font $ 24,95;