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1000 fonts …

I’m really glad to announce that today we have the 1000 fonts that are featured on Kreativ Font.

To anyone that contributed to this unbelievable milestone … THANK YOU!

Stay tuned, many new features are in the works that will make Kreativ Font even more attractive and usable.Also, please do not hesitate to let us know you wishes ;)


Here are some quick answers to frequently asked questions on fonts. If none of your questions are answered here, please contact us ;)

Kreativ Font on Bloglovin’

Now you can follow Kreativ Font with Bloglovin.

The most popular fonts used on the web

I got the inspiration about this article from this typography Quora topic.

So, here is my list:

    Times New Roman;
    Trebuchet MS;
    Lucida Grande;

What do you think?

So, you need a typeface!

Graphic designer Julian Hansen created this very cool and useful typeface decision flowchart, So You Need A Typeface, as part of a school project. I think every typegraphy lover should check this out …


Watch it full screen … ;)

How to create a CSS Social Share Sidebar

Many website are using social networks to increase the traffic. One way to do is is by featuring all kinds of share button provided by the social website themselves.
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Learn WordPress fast and easy with these tutorials

I’m an WordPress learner myself and I know it’s hard to find free articles and resources from which you can increase your WP knowledge. Here are a few tips on how I learn and from where you can read free WordPress tutorials. About 25% of the new websites are using WordPress, so it’s very possible that someone has already done something you want to achieve ;)
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How to use GZip compression in a WordPress website

Recently, I used again Page Speed from Google to see what more can I do to make Kreativ Theme faster.
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CSS3 Test, a new web developers tool

This morning, I just stumbled on a cool new tool for web developers: CSS3 Test. Created by Lea Verou, CSS3 Test offers offers a quick and easy way to test the browser you use for CSS3 support.
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WordPress external libraries

Did you ever wondered which CSS, JavaScript, JQuery or PHP libraries and plugins are used inside WordPress? If not, below is the full list with a small description for each.
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